Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty has to start w/ the tools we use....

Everything beauty requires the right tools. I've found that with hair and makeup alike, both require the correct tools otherwise you will not get the desired outcome.

So, I'm going to start with hair, b/c beautiful hair is a necessity when framing your beautiful face.

The first product I must review is my latest new "tool", the T3 Featherweight hair dryer. It's a tourmaline infused hair dryer. It dries quickly, quicker than any other dryer I have ever used. I used to spend at least 20 minutes drying my hair, brushing it while drying and working the air through it. I also would sometimes get overheated and want to pass out in the bathroom b/c it would get so hot. Not anymore. I'm working on my hair for less than 5 minutes now. In addition, the quicker the drying time, the less damage to your hair, and less heat on your hair. Not over-drying your hair means that using this dryer will help to get your hair looking smooth and shiny. It works for me, I must say. I can actually use this dryer to style my hair w/o the use of anything else. No product, no irons, etc. It is THAT good.

My husband asked me to add one more thing, ha ha. Over the years, we've had numerous hair dryers, some of which, he says were very hard to hold and some that had buttons that were in awkward spots, hence causing his hand to hit the off button frequently. This dryer is easy to hold, doesn't cause hand cramps, and the buttons are all out of the way of getting knocked to the wrong position.

- it's light weight
- quick dry time
- long cord
- reduces static (I have not had static since I started using this, even on days I do NOT use conditioner)
- not bad to look at (has cute diamond looking jewels on the handle, which not only look good, but help w/ the grip on the dryer)
- has a wonderful warranty
- button placement is good

- it's $200
- wish the cord would retract into the dryer

Overall, I'd give this dryer an 8/10, only knocking 2 points off for the huge price tag. If it keeps my hair looking shiny for the length of the warranty, 2 years, then I'd bump it up to a 10/10.


EV0 girllll said...

have you checked out the revlon rv544? its supposed to be a dupe for the t3 and its has a much better price (:

~RAQ~ said...

I haven't. But, I'm glad to know this! The next time someone needs a dryer, I'll rec it to them and tell them to do what I do... always keep the receipt. Don't like it, take it back. :)