Friday, May 21, 2010

Ello Loves! Continuing on w/ TOOLS - today is covering a FEW things

  • HAIR

The products I love most for my hair are the following:

TIGI S factor Smoothing shampoo and conditioner. A little goes a long way. Do not use more than absolutely necessary unless you enjoy wasting money. It's not a cheapy. Has Pro vitamin B5, jojoba, avocado oil. Detangles suberbly, adds shine, smoothes and moisturizes. Also, has NO sulfates, which is a MUST in every item I put on my hair. Buy the biggest bottle and that lessens the cost a tad. It smells LOVELY (my husband has made remarks about this numerous times and had asked me to get this shampoo and conditioner).

I'd rate this: 8/10
only deducting 2 points b/c of the price. For a LARGE bottle (double the size of their smaller versions, you'll pay $43, which saves about $7 if you were to buy the smaller bottles if you figure in the cost per ounce).

Chi, hands down. I've had SEVERAL ceramic irons. None of them were anywhere near as good as my Chi irons. I have two now, a 2" wide iron and 3/4" iron. I will say this, the wider iron, for some reason, does not seem on par w/ the smaller width irons. ALWAYS use a protectant before ironing your hair, as the extreme heat will damage your hair even if you think it looks shiny and silky after using an iron.

I'd rate this: 9/10

Spornette 9300
-The spornette air styler brush is cheap, something like $5 and is GREAT when I blow dry my hair. Small enough to hold easily and work with, allows air to travel through for quick drying, and again, CHEAP. It will not help curl your hair, however.

I'd rate this: 9/10

Another favorite of mine is Frederic Fekkai's travel brush, however, for the money you pay, it's just not worth it, so not even going to bother reviewing it. I got mine for free. I'd never ever spend over $10-15 on a brush, and the FF brushes range from $60-$95. It's a BRUSH. The bristles even fall out sometimes. It is the only brush my daughter will use on her hair, b/c it doesn't hurt her. *shrugs*

I'd rate this: 10/10 for use, but for price, I'd deduct 6 points and give it a 4/10. Sorry, FF.



Aqua Fresh Extreme Clean works for me. Everyone in my house really likes it. Leaves you with a very fresh mouth, lasts for a while and does what it says. I can't honestly say any toothpaste I have used, that makes the claim of whitening, has ever "whitened". This one, with the use of floss, does it's job, minus the whitening". Want brighter teeth? Just stop drinking tea, coffee, and soda and don't smoke.

I'd rate this: 8/10

*By the way, another tip for whiter teeth is to use a blue based lip gloss/lipstick. MAC makes TWO that I have yet to buy, but I've seen it on others and it truly does work. Ruby Woo and Russian Red. The only catch? They are intense bluish reds with a matte finish. Many women are too afraid to pop on that bright red lippie. I'm not one of them. When I get these babies, I'll post a photograph first thing!

  • SKIN


DDF Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew absorbs QUICK, has no OIL or fragrances. 1.7 ounce bottle will run approximately $22-$25. I have a problem with break outs and oily skin. This is light enough that it doesn't leave a film on my skin, but moisturizes enough that my skin doesn't keep trying to produce MORE oil (which sometimes oily skin is caused by a LACK of moisture so your skin is trying to produce more). Lasts a LONG time. I use less than a dime size each day before I apply makeup. I've been using my current bottle for 2 months and still have some left. Only drawback of this is that it does not have ANY SPF in it. That's fine for me, b/c my makeup has SPF in it. I do not like to use moisturizes with SPF b/c they can clog pores AND they show up white in photographs.

I'd rate this: 9/10


Cetaphil is gentle for all types of skin. Works for most makeup removal (not mascara), isn't harsh at all and is CHEAP! YAY for cheap! You can get the store brand and be just fine. HOWEVER, if you want to feel clean, this lacks that feeling. It has some added moisturizer in it, that I could do without. I have sensitive skin and oily skin (as mentioned above) and after using this, I just use a toner to feel more "fresh", if you will. There are higher end cleansers I prefer, but they are just too costly to realistically keep buying them when I can use something to clean that's under $10.

I'd rate this: 7/10


St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Now THIS makes me feel clean! I use it 2-3 times a week to get the dead skin off. Use a light hand when scrubbing. Why? The little "sand" particles in it can tear and rip your skin. You won't SEE it, but it does b/c they are not rounded down to bead shape. They are literally like little pieces of sand from sandpaper. So go easy and gentle and it'll work just great! Take care not to get the pieces in your peepers. It hurts. I know. Has dramatically cleared up my skin with regular use. AND CHEAP, again! You do NOT need to break the bank for face products.

I'd rate this: 8/10


EGG WHITES, EGG WHITES, EGG WHITES! 2-3 x's a week. Tried and true. I read HUNDREDS of similar stories of girls using the egg whites and minimizing pores and feeling/looking like they had a face-lift. I am starting this week w/ this regular regime.

Want reviews on anything in particular? Let me know... skin, hair, makeup. I don't do nails, though. Not yet. My nails are short and I don't even bother trying to grow them. They'd get in the way of my makeup applications. hehe

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