Saturday, May 22, 2010

Let us dive into the main event... MAKEUP!

I'll go back and write about other things (tools), of course, but I started this blog for one main thing... talking about makeup, showing makeup applications I've done, offering tips, etc.

My favorite brand of makeup is MAC cosmetics.

MAC's eye makeup in particular: liners, shadows and bases. (Notice I say 'bases,' not primers, we'll cover this below). Their line of mascaras are not so much my cup o' tea, but I have only used 3 of their many types. I have yet to use their brow products, so couldn't say yay or nay to those. I digress... the shadows are the best. Period. No comparison, in my opinion, as of yet. I've tried many other brands. Some are chalky or less pigmented than MAC, some have tons of fall out, sparkly glitter (annoying). MAC's shadows, especially the Veluxe Pearl line, have been my favorite for a few years now. Along w/ shadows, are pigments. Pigments are jars of loose powder, highly pigmented, normally used for the eye, but can be used all over the face. There are actually a few pigments that are meant solely for theatrically looks and not to be used on the eyes, so be careful when selecting a color. However, 95% are safe for the eyes. More than likely, you aren't going to be out anytime soon looking for a blood red color for your eye area, right? We'll be okay then.

I'd list my favorite shadows and pigments, however, what works for me may not work for you. The list would be extremely long of favorites and I am still adding to that list. I'd be happy to tell you what products I have used in any photos I post (you can also see my makeup work on Beleza Makeup Art and Photo on facebook). Feel free to look me up and add me or "like" my page. I post photos very frequently on that account, but do not blog about products.

Let's talk about liners, shall we? This is the most important part of the eye look in my opinion. It never looks complete w/o a nice liner. Liner is only 2nd to mascara. The collection called Fluidlines are to die for! They offer precise lining and long lasting staying power. They are in a glass jar w/ a screw top lid and the liner is similar to a gel. With the right.... BRUSH.... (*smile*) you can make a very delicate accent, or a very dramatic line. These Fluidlines can also  be used as a base under your shadows and make the shadow POP. I can name the ones I use frequently and highly recommend these:
Blacktrack (black) always a liner- safe for waterline, also.
Dipdown (brown) I use this as a liner for brown shadows when I don't want the liner to be too much, safe for waterline, soft looking, but not too dark. Also a GREAT base under a brown shadow.

Shade (dark green) makes an excellent base under greens and a nice liner for colorful looks. I've used this as a liner for green, purple, bronze and natural looks. Very versatile even though most wouldn't consider it.
Non Conformist (purple) beautiful liner, but I reach more for this as a base under purple shadows. It is dark, so use lightly. As a liner, I'd use it w/ purple shadows, and light green shadows... if you use yellow as a shadow, this would make a GORGEOUS liner. I just never use yellow shadows, they make me look sick.
Blue Peep (robin egg blue) strictly as a base for me. I just can't use this as a liner with my green eyes. As a base, however, it's spot on! Can be used under greens and blues.

MAC blushes are very good. I reach for a MAC brand blush 50% of the time that I apply blush. I always use a highlighter on my cheekbones and 100% of the time it's been a MAC product, such as Mineralized Skinfish in Porcelain Pink (my all time favorite highlight).

MAC lipsticks. Mmmhmm. It is hard to find a lip product by MAC that I don't like. As long as it does not have a ton of frost in it and doesn't have too much orange to it, I will probably like it. MAC has a wonderful lip line, including lip liners, lipsticks and glosses! My favorite lipstick was called Dainty Cake and I never had a full tube of it, only a portion of one that a kind MUA at MAC gave me in a sample b/c they had no tubes left. I still have it, use it sparingly and dread the day it is all used up. However, the glosses are my very favorite. Elle (which I believe was Limited Edition), Palatial, and C-Thru are must haves for me. I scour websites looking for Elle frequently. I've resorted to trying to find a replacement, but am having very little luck in finding a dupe for this beauty. Another great line is the Chromeglass lip gloss. High shine, very pigmented. Unfortunately, they have to be reapplied quite often. Great for photos.
Oh, and their liners aren't bad. I only use a couple as I don't line my lips very often. Subculture is a good nude and can be used under numerous lipsticks. It tones down the natural pigmentation in your lips so your own color does not compete with the lipstick.

Moving on...

Foundations - MAC is excellent if you don't break out too terribly bad. They have a newer foundation, Mineralize Skinfinish that, from what I've seen on others, seems to work great. I have yet to buy it, but am wanting to. I'll let you know how it is when I do. They carry a full line of foundations- full cover, sheer, medium, light, etc... You get the idea. For photos, Studio Fix works along with the Full Coverage. I wouldn't wear it everyday as it can clog pores.

Powders (decent. My favorite is the Blot powder and finishing powder), concealers (select cover up = A+), primers (meh, from the reviews I've read, I've never bought any of these, to be honest). I use Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance for eye primers (each are a NECESSITY), and for face primer under foundation, I've used Smashbox primers, which I love... BUT like I said, I have not personally used MAC's primers b/c MAC isn't cheap and I don't have the money to just go out and buy it to try it out, so I, just like you, read reviews on items before buying them. Now, if I ever get some MAC primers, I'd be happy to review them.

Oh, you are probably wanting to know what my favorite mascara is?! I'll let you know when I know... My HOLY GRAIL of mascaras is so hard to find, I don't even bother anymore. It was Shu Uemura's Basic Black. Now, I just buy and hope I get lucky. Loreal's Voluminous is an excellent drugstore brand. It just dries up too quickly for my liking.

Well, I'm spent, how about you? Ta Ta ladies... until next time.

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