Monday, May 31, 2010

fotd for those afraid of color and a WALK through of the eye application process

Today, on my eyes, I tried to go more natural, but noticeable. So, started with an idea. I see a lot of girls use a black shadow to smoke out their looks in the crease over top of the shadows they put on. I changed it today and like this idea a LOT more.... Let's proceed.

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance (or Urban Decay Primer Potion) as the base, I ALWAYS use this first no matter what. Place it all over your lids and a little bit under your lower lash line for the shadow we'll line with. A little bit goes a long way. Use pinky finger to rub it in covering the whole lid up the brow bones.

2. I took my Creme Color Base by MAC in BLACK and patted it on with my 242 brush on the outer corner of the lid and up into the outer crease area. (see where it's the darkest in the picture) I made it very black but blended the edges of it with the tip of my pinky finger (you can use the 242 for this, but like I said in an earlier review blog, it kinda hurts b/c the brush is kind of hard) I didn't want to dirty up another brush, so just used my pinky's for this task. 

3. I used my MAC shadow in phloof! to highlight under the brows. Just used the other side of my 242 brush and ran it up real close to my brows and tried to pack on the highlight b/c I'd be blending away some of it later. Took it down to the inner corner and part way across my eyelid to where the black base starts.

4. Grabbed Satin Taupe e/s by MAC, which everyone else seems to LOVE but I never get the right color on my lids... well, until TODAY. The black base I used made this color just PERFECT for my skin tone and eye color. This would look good on ANYONE, though. Blue eyes, green, brown...  Anyways, Satin Taupe with #239 brush and got a lot on the brush and then TAPPED it firmly all over the black base area. Each time I'd put more on the brush and bring it further inward blending the brown over towards my inner corners and across that Phloof! shadow I had already laid down.
While we are on Satin Taupe, go ahead and add some of the color directly under your bottom lashes and come all the way across. Use the 239 brush for this, it's fine. Some would say grab a different brush, but really, for this look, no need to. Just use the tip of the brush and smudge it in as close as you can get. 

5. #217 brush and blend it out very lightly. Try not to smudge colors. A light hand is the key I've found. When you use a heavy hand, you can actually wipe OFF the shadows. Always blend in an upward motion, but in short strokes.

6. line lashes with #208 brush with blacktrack fluidline. I made mine a little bit thicker than usual b/c I wanted to make the lashes stand out more and look thicker at the base near my waterline. I winged out the liner just a bit at the edges. It's easy- just go light and have a pointed brush to make a "flick" motion as if you are writing in cursive and making those "tails" we always do at the end of a letter.

7. LASHES- I always CURL mine with Shu Uemura lash curler - a holy grail item for me. Get close to the base making sure most, if not all, of your lashes are touching the black pad area. Once in place, make sure not to squeeze your skin in the curler. Start slowly to make sure and then press down firmly and hold for at least 10-15 seconds. Do ONE eye at a time, going directly to mascara, then go back, curl the other and apply mascara right away to that one... Reason? The curl will start to loosen. I just started doing that this year and it does make a difference.

8. Add your mascara. Today, I used again, The Body Shops Divide and Multiply. It's still working great for me, so I'm gonna stick with it. I start at the outside upper lashes and use the tip of the wand to go back and forth at the lashes base and then go up... Then I go back to the middle/inner lashes and work on those. I usually apply 3-4 coats, in between I use a sharper than sharp lash comb to separate as much as I can. I LOVE my lash comb and have literally no idea where it came from :( I hold on to it and when I misplace it, I get very bothered. 

That's it for the eyes. I used Brit Wit creme blush today by MAC and Viva Glam V lipgloss. Pretty simple, very neutral, but noticeable colors.

My daughter commented how beautiful I looked, which is always nice from a 9 year old who normally like PINKS, BLUES and PURPLES.

Awww look at those pudgy cheeks! Don't ya wanna squeeze 'em?!

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audrey said...

this is a beautiful makeup :)