Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a SPECIAL treat.... Swatches of CHEAP shadows

 , I am still a MAC whore and always will be, but I had to order a ton of NYX shadows b/c they are so CHEAP and some (not all) are relatively easy to work with. I decided to play nice and swatch ALL of them so if you are at all inclined to look for these, you'll know what to expect when you receive them. Unlike me, I ordered sight unseen. These usually run about $6-$8 depending on if you find them on sale.

The first photos are of the "triple shadow" palettes, which run about $4 to $5 per palette. There are 3 shadows in these and they are pretty decent size and circular shape. Unlike the larger NYX palettes that have 10 shadows, but each one is much smaller and square. (I'll just post a photo so you get an idea)

First:  Cherry, Cool Blue and Hot Pink Triple Palette (NYX TS13)

Second: Spring Leaf, Limegreen and Green Tea (NYX TS08)

Third: Tropical, Yellow, Lime Green (which should not be confused with the above "Limegreen" which is one word instead of two, like this one) (NYX TS10)

Fourth: Aloha, Mink Brown, and Deep Bronze (NYX TS15)

FIFTH: Purple, Deep Purple and Prune (NYX TS06)

SIXTH: Frosted Lilac, Pacific, and Kiwi (NYX TS09)

SEVENTH: Copper, Rust, and Bronze (NYX TS21)

Now, on to the bigger ten shadow palettes.....
(I believe these to be less pigmented than the above Triple Palettes)

#1- Mysterious Brown Eyes Palette  (a few pics, total of 10 shadows from the palette)

#2- Beautiful Green Eyes palette (again, total of 10 shadows

#3- Sexy Blues Eyes Palette 

#4- Smoky Eyes Palette (these are OK, but I'd say they are more for a very neutral lighter "smoky" look. 

#5 Champagne and Caviar Palette (1st a photo w/ flash, then w/o)

SOOOOO, there you have it. A long freaking blog post, however, if you are at all interested in NYX shadows, that'll give you an idea of their color before purchasing. I use them mostly foiled, which is just a fancy term for "wet". Totally changes the impact of the shadow. 

Hope you enjoyed and can use this info! I wish I had it before I made my purchases.

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