Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review of some CHEAP makeup

You can find good quality CHEAP makeup, I promise. But who has the time to go search and spend the money to find it? It's like finding a needle in a haystack. So, leave it to the girls who are passionate about makeup, us online bloggers, to find your good deals for you....

I bought some lipstick, liners and blush by a brand called NYX this week (I pronounce it like Nix, btw). I previously bought eye shadow palettes but have yet to review them. I have yet to use them more than once so far. I will get around to it, though. (those and the blush)

Tonight, I did the easy stuff. Took 7 lipsticks, swatched them on my lips, took a photo and am going to post them so you can get an idea of what the colors are. If you are interested in then purchasing them, you'll know what the color looks like instead of just a photo online on whatever site sells them (I've found them to be extremely off as far as what the true color looks like, which is why I chose to do this). I plan to purchase a lot more by this brand, just to see what's good, what's not, etc. I also swatched the lip liners I bought and am posting a photo of those for you to see, also.

My take on the lipsticks- some are great. All are moist, not drying at all. Had I saw the true swatches before I ordered, some I would have left out of my cart. I wouldn't say these have real "lasting" power. They would need to be reapplied throughout the day, HOWEVER, I did not use a liner, a primer or anything. Maybe a little bit of something else on the lips underneath of these would improve the staying power.

So, don't say I don't review cheap items, b/c I do, and will. Hell, I'm a poor woman, I rarely get myself new high end items. These run about $2. I got mine on sale for 25% off online.

I'd give the lipsticks and liners a 7/10 for these particular ones I took photos off tonight.

in the photo below from L-R, "pinky", "deep purple", "coffee", "cabaret", "mauve"

Deep Purple and Mauve are my faves out of these. Coffee and Cabaret look too similar to each other, so only need one of those. Pinky would be great for a bold pink color. These are super cheap- like $1 on sale. $1.99 not on sale.

NYX Electra

NYX Chloe

NYX Eucalpytus

NYX Femme

NYX Hebe

NYX Narcissus

NYX Snow White

LOVE Eucalyptus and Hebe!!!!

TaTa For Now! 

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