Sunday, June 6, 2010

Show me what your working with!

A few girls on a makeup site I frequent did pics of their "stash" as we call it, and I thought, ok, I'll do one, too. So many people went gaga over stash pics. Do we enjoy looking at other people's property that much? I guess I do. I really love looking at pics/"face of the day" photos and I pay attention to what is in the BACKground sometimes more than the face in the photo, ha ha.

Anyways, here is my collection on my dresser. I didn't include my bags of backups or Limited Edition palettes/lipsticks/blushes/shadows or my perfume collection, OR my closet full of hair product. I need to organize that. WHEN I do, I'll take pics.

MAC 15 pan palettes
5 shadow palettes
2 blush palettes
Each holds 15 MAC e/s
Rest of the drawer
has about 12 NYX palettes
Too Faced Smoky palette
Too Faced Natural palette

Shadow bases/paints

  all MAC


Lash Curlers
Brow shades
under eye lightener
PTR lash growth

(liners) by MAC
Face brushes
Eye brushes
Lip Liners
More eye liners
Eye liners for bases
face primers


Blush (powder)
The rest are in the
MAC palettes 


more blush 
and MSF's

creme blushes


MMU brushes

pigments, extra
shadows that have
no home in a palette

extra shadows w/ 
no home.
more palettes.


pigment samples

Items in drawers are misc items, swap items, backups.

This drawer is a mix  of MU items AND my singing stuff...
microphone, recording device, extra camera, etc.

Bunch of swap items and backups on the right side of the drawer. 

Had enough? There you have it, a peek into my makeup collection.

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MiraSundari said...

Hiya doll!
Mirauk (from MUA) here...
Love the stash pics girlie!
Soo many fab goodies :P
Love the blog!
mira x