Tuesday, July 13, 2010

put my shelves up! AND a Face of the Day...

So we got the shelves up and hung up my jewelry organizers, too. I'm going to use one of them for MAC palettes, though, instead of jewelry. FUN! Anyways, I'm still working out how to organize this stuff in my head and am not particularly fond of the plastic see through drawers or the white plastic baskets. I need a more proper way to store my items that I reach for on a weekly basis. My backups and other items go in dresser drawers and I actually keep a whole "suitcase/luggage" bag of makeup that has yet to be opened. Apparently, people like to see "stash" pics and how other women organize their makeup/perfume/hair products, etc. So, this is my updated photo (for the week, until I find some other drawers that fit on shelves).

AND A very neutral eye but with dramatic liner. Pretty simple, eyeshadow literally took about two minutes, liner less than a minute, but the lashes took about 5 minutes. 

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