Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stila, not such a steal

I heard great things about Stila from the girls on the makeup site I frequent over the years. Here and there, I'd try a shadow without much luck. I thought maybe I was just picking the wrong colors/formulas (mattes, satins, etc.). However, upon placing an order from Sephora recently and trying a few Stila palettes, I realized, they are just crap. Every single color was hard to work with and took so much to build the color on a primed eye. They were chalky, had no pigmentation and in the palettes, the shadows are TINY.

I purchased these palettes for a "great deal", $10 each.

Stila: Road to Radiance Across the U.S.A. which includes 4 shadows and one convertible color (dual lip and cheek cream)

Stila: Pretty In Paris which, also, includes 4 shadows and one convertible color.

I'd rate these BOTH a 2/10

It gets 1 point for price and 1 point for being in a cute palette (Stila always makes "cute" items)

That's it. Not worth the money. If it was a freebie, I'd still not give it any more points on my scale.

Sorry, Stila, I am not a fan of these items.

Now, as I type, I checked Sephora. These items are no longer listed as available, however they have other similar sets for $10 and they claim it's a "$65 value". HA. Hardly.

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