Thursday, May 27, 2010

mmmm goodies!

There is a new collection out called To The Beach from MAC. I had to get my paws on some goodies from it and thought I'd share my "haul" with you. I picked up a few other things I was needing while I was there then went for sushi. My kind of day.  :-)

I got a couple other things you can't see in the photo, but they were just a mineral makeup by MAC and another lipstick that is a matte pink. I'll swatch them on my lips and post photos w/ the week.

I always go and stare and am not sure what to get. Dummy me, I had a list at home and forgot it. I ended up walking out w/ 3 items from the new Beach collection, two of which are sold out everywhere but I had called yesterday and had her hold these for me: the Seahorse called "Marine Life" (it's a highlighter) and the blush called "Hipness". The eyeshadow I got is very similar to another MAC color shadow, but I had neither, so went w/ this one called "firecracker" b/c I love the texture of the shadow. Kinda cheesy packaging if you ask me, but, well, I guess I like a bit of cheesiness (is that even a word, really?)

Got some paintpots- Ochre and Painterly. Two items I have yet to use by MAC and am excited to see how they help my shadows as a base. I'll let you know. Got three shadows- one is a replacement b/c I'm almost out of Phloof!, my staple highlight color for the brow bone. The other two are Typographic and Mystery. I have yet to use either, but they are both mattes and I hope to be able to work with them, as I do not have... mmm, ANY mattes that I can think of.

Here is my "Eye of the Day" if you will....

1. Started with Urban Decay Primer Potion as my base
 2. added my white Cargo shadow in "aspen" to the inner corner
3. Ran a light neutral color along my brow bone as a highlight (used a matte cream color b/c i knew i'd go OVER it w/ the white Cargo shadow)
4. used my Non Conformist fluidline as a base on lower lid making sure to only put it where i planned to put purple shadow over it
5. placed MAC's beautiful iris on upper lid into inside crease w /violet pigment over it on the bottom lid area (near lashes)
6. placed MAC's grape pigment in outer crease area
7. BLEND w/ correct TOOL/brush (MAC 217!)
8. placed a TINY bit of gold pigment on inner corner to give some dimension and a little pop of color
9. liner - blacktrack fluidline by MAC
10. Curled lashes and placed HEATED mascara on them

by the time I took this photo, my eyeshadow had started to crease... long story, but I first used the wrong shadow and had to correct, so I messed it up. 

Take care! Any ideas for this blog, please let me know! 


Mandy said...

I am trying SO hard to figure out what I need, if anything, from this collection. Hipness blush calls to me, but I've got other corals...not sure if this is different. How's the shimmer, Raq?

~RAQ~ said...

I have really really oily skin (gross) and it wasn't bad at all. I didn't really notice much shimmer, to be honest. Once my face calms down from the sunburn, I'll use it again and see. I always go over my makeup w/ some kind of powder to tone down my heavy hand, so that could be why I didn't notice much shimmer, too.